• Card Magic & Playing Card History Timeline by Lee Asher
"All the playing card and magic history I always wondered about combined into one book. Every page is fascinating, interesting, and kept me reading!" - Keith B. (Toronto, CANADA)

Card Magic & Playing Card History Timeline & Bonus Video

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Gain newfound respect for playing cards.

Lee Asher's Card Magic & Playing Card History Timeline is a selection of hand-picked citations about playing cards and card magic that takes us from ancient Egypt to modern times. Perhaps by searching and studying magic and playing card history in unison, we may discover clues previously unknown?


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Filled with Card Magic & Playing Card History!
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Discover playing card information buried for centuries.

Lee Asher's Timeline & Bonus Video - Full Details:

Centuries of History In One Place

This hand-picked timeline chronologically takes you through centuries of playing card magic history, culture, and innovation. You know the story, but do you understand the logic and relationships between the elements of magic and playing cards? This book and bonus video may be just what you've been missing. This historical compilation contains hundreds of citations from various publications, newspapers, periodicals, interviews, etc. allowing you to understand better how playing cards and card magic are linked and related.

Playing cards have a history of growth, popularity, and innovation. Magic and playing cards go together for a reason. Read what the research says about playing cards and why this matters to you, the magician. At a minimum, we see playing card and card magic history occurring concurrently rather than in isolation. So it's reasonable to deduce that as our tools became more refined, so did our magic.

"A must-read and watch for those wishing to understand the underpinnings of playing card and magic history. Highly recommended!" - Jason O. (Florida, USA)

Over 100+ Pages of Info

This collection of citations is an excellent addition to any bookshelf or library, letting future generations of magicians marvel at the improvements in playing cards and magic.

Chronological Listings

The key events and achievements listed in this timeline take you from ancient Egypt to present times as you learn about playing card history from different parts of the world.

Bonus Video Included

By taking a good look at the macro-history of playing cards and card magic, you gain a unique perspective about these two fascinating subjects, which only a few people possess. 45 min run time.

Citations Discussed In This Timeline
  • Important Events
  • Playing Card Manufacturers
  • Famous Magicians
  • Mechanical Automation
  • Ground-Breaking Ideas
  • Technological Advances
  • Pivotal Individuals
  • Fascinating Periods
  • Perception-Shifting Moments

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Imagine stunning your audience, friends, and family with your amazing playing card knowledge. Is this something you can envision yourself doing? If so, then this 100-page perfect-bound book and bonus video are precisely what you need.

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