• Witness Ziploc Bag Magic Trick Tutorial
"This is the first trick I ever leared from Lee Asher. It's a gem and I use it all the time." - George L, (New York, USA)

Witness Ziploc Bag Magic Trick Tutorial

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Witness The Impossible!

After your spectator selects a card, they hold a Joker sealed inside a Ziploc bag. The Joker in the bag magically transforms between the spectator's palms into the chosen card! The bag remains sealed throughout, and everything is entirely examinable afterward.


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Witness Card Trick

Witness Card Trick Tutorial.

Everything gets examined, even the Ziploc bag!
Cool Card Magic With A Ziploc Bag

Great Piece of Magic To Use.

Fools magicians!
Magic Card Trick Double Lift

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Delight and astound your audiences with this fun card trick.

Witness - Full Details:

Learn This Easy Ziploc Bag Magic Trick

Prepare to leave your audience speechless with Witness - the astonishing Ziploc bag magic trick that requires nothing more than everyday Ziploc bags. Whether you're a seasoned magician or just starting out, this mesmerizing routine will captivate and amaze.

"I fool more people with Witness than most any other routine in my arsenal. I don't leave home without a plastic baggie!" - Jeff N. (Dallas, USA)

Detailed Card Tutorial

Receive a comprehensive manuscript with step-by-step instructions and informative photos, ensuring you grasp Witness effortlessly. From novice to expert, this guide is tailored to elevate your magic skills, leaving you confident and prepared to dazzle any audience.

Lots of Fun & Easy To Master

Witness is designed to be entertaining and accessible, eliminating the need for complex sleight of hand. Our tutorial walks you through each move, revealing insider tips to ensure flawless execution. With Witness, you'll astound spectators with ease and grace.

Ziploc Bag Magic

Enhance your learning experience with two bonus explanation videos, offering a performer's perspective on mastering Witness. These invaluable resources accelerate your progress, guaranteeing swift and successful mastery of this captivating routine. Get in on the excitement - unlock the mystery of Witness today.

Is Witness For You?

If you're looking to learn a cool magic trick that will fool your friends & family without too much practice, then look no further. This is a perfect entry-level beginner piece of magic. If that's what you need, then the Witness ziploc bag magic trick tutorial is right for you.

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